About the Promethium Zone

Promethium symbol. Imagen: wikijunior

Promethium (pronounced prom-ee-thee-um) is a radioactive element, and the 61st element on the periodic table.

Promethium is radioactive. Most of it is used only in research, but it can also be found in a very powerful type of battery called atomic battery. Promethium is also used to know how thick certain materials are, by measuring the amount of radiation from a it that passes through the material. In the future, it might be used as a power source for space ships and satellites.

The Promethium Zone is a General Science Zone; the five scientists in this zone research five different areas. There is a scientist working on why magnets feel frustrated, as well as one looking at memories in your brain. There is someone researching how to make technology we use every day less annoying to use, and another trying to find out why we look and behave the way we do. There is also a scientist who’s a hospital detective, trying to stop nasty bugs from spreading .

You can find out more about the scientists in this zone, and what they work on by reading their profiles. Click on their names at the top of this page to find out more!

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